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The Galaxy Within.jpg Mantis Fly - Genus Plega.jpg Birefringent Water Ice 5.jpg See the Light.jpg 3D projection of a Patiria miniata bipinnaria.jpg Immature Phidippus.jpg
Baffled LIGO Scientists.jpg Ouster OS1-64 lidar point cloud of intersection of Folsom and Dore St, San Francisco.png Killer Whales Hunting a Seal.jpg Evolution of a Tornado.jpg Total Solar Eclipse 8-21-17.jpg B mode in microwave sky.jpg

This calendar features winners and finalists from the biannual Wiki Science Competition in the United States. The competition recognizes scientific images including wildlife, astronomy, microscopy, people in science, and non-photographic media. It has so far catalyzed the submission of 2,324 images to Wikimedia commons, many by first-time contributors.

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