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There are many ways to become involved — whether you want to be a volunteer, donate to our cause, show your support, or simply attend one of our events!

Become a member

One of the easiest way to show your support and help advance the cause of free knowledge is to become a member of the Wiki Society of Washington, DC. Membership is open to everyone; there are no prerequisites or qualifications, and you don't need to participate in Wikimedia projects.

Membership dues are $10 per year. Your dues will directly support our educational and outreach programs.

There are three convenient ways to become a member:

In person
By mail

Stay informed

The easiest way to stay informed about ongoing projects and upcoming events is to join our public mailing lists:

  • wikimedia-dc is used for announcements and general discussion; subscribe if you want to know about our public events and outreach work.
  • wikidc-internal is used for organizational and business discussions. If you're interested in the fine details of our day-to-day work, this is the list for you!

You don't need to be a member to subscribe to the lists; everyone is welcome.

Another way to keep abreast of important news is through our social media outlets. You can follow us on Twitter as @wikidc.

Participate in events

Outreach events...



Show your support