Activity Report for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2013–14

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Content programs

23 people went to three scheduled edit-a-thons: American Chemical Society, UMD, and Laurel Historical Society

  • 7 who created Wikipedia accounts this quarter, including one who created an account at a past edit-a-thon and has attended at least one additional edit-a-thon; and
  • 11 who have attended at least two edit-a-thons this fiscal year, including 3 who attended two or more edit-a-thons this quarter alone.

In total, as of the end of the quarter, a total of 137 volunteers have participated in Wikimedia DC edit-a-thons, which is 274% of the goal set for the fiscal year and an increase of 9.5% since the last quarter.

Technology programs

Community programs

Organizational development