Activity Report for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2013–14

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Content programs

23 people went to three scheduled edit-a-thons: American Chemical Society, Chronicling America at UMD, and Laurel Historical Society

  • 7 who created Wikipedia accounts this quarter;
  • 1 who created an account at a past edit-a-thon and has attended at least one additional edit-a-thon; and
  • 11 who have attended at least two edit-a-thons this fiscal year, including 3 who attended two or more edit-a-thons this quarter alone.

In total, as of the end of the quarter, a total of 137 participants have participated in Wikimedia DC edit-a-thons, which is 274% of the goal set for the fiscal year and an increase of 9.5% since the last quarter.

At these edit-a-thons, 21 participants made 111 edits to X articles, adding 41,141 bytes of content to Wikipedia articles.

Event Cohort Total Participants Editing Participants Number of Edits Pages Created Bytes Added
American Chemical Society Edit-a-Thon Newcomers 4 3 31 0 7,402
Experienced Editors 9 8 45 4 17,761
Chronicling America Edit-a-Thon Newcomers 1
Experienced Editors 8 6 21 0 3,318
Laurel History Edit-a-Thon Newcomers 2 1 1 0 483
Experienced Editors 3 3 13 1 12,177

Technology programs

  • Open Government WikiHack at NARA. An outside expert set up new wikidata categories for us, e.g. on Supreme Court justices, and we filled some data in. relevant blog post
API UI research and development
Familiarizing with Wikidata and related tools; learning about Wikidata interface for extracting data
Disease descriptions
Wikidata Game

Project descriptions:
Examine existing data and/or APIs for Wikimedia and National Archives. Develop simple UI to access data using those APIs
Background on available data and its usefulness
Clicked through Wikidata tutorials
[See Hackpad page for disease description project]
Wikidata game to make minor edits to update entries

Enough opportunity to participate?
Yes 7
No 1 (Didn’t understand Wikidata enough)

Will there be more work on the project?
No 0
Yes a little 3
Yes we’ll finish 3
[N/A] 2

What people did:
Learned about Wikipedia’s diverse website services
Learned about Wikimedia APIs and develop simple GUI
Learn about National Archives Data and APIs
Figured out how to integrate causal genomic variants into Wikidata pages
Helped others develop projects
Understanding additional needs

How can we help?
Help with fixing factual info on our government pages.
Real hands-on tutorials. Detailed case study of an application. Presentatinos are interesting but high level. Breakout sessions that are topical
Instead of a single day or two days, a course that meets on a regular basis with a curriculum with ongoing homework
Have 2-5 projects set up that people can contribute to.
Provide annual activities
Prizes aren’t a bad idea

75% felt they were either mostly or completely satisfied with the amount they accomplished during the WikiHack
  • A member of our chapter wrote CongressEdits and we blogged about that. It is a design that can monitor edits by editors who did not log in to a wikimedia site -- focused just on Congress for now.
  • We installed and experimented with Lua on our own organization's wiki site. This is a relevant language for future wikicode.

Community programs

Organizational development