Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2011–12

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Forward balance $5,130.22
Wikimania-specific contributions $450,000.00 Corporate donations
Wikimania registrations $53,500.00 Tiered schedule based on time of registration and status as student/community member vs. not.
WIkimedia Foundation grants $10,000.00
Online fundraiser $2,000.00 Conducted through our own website
Membership dues $820.00 Assumes three new members per month from October through July, and that 80% of members renew for 2012-2013.
Total revenue $521,450.22
Wikimania 2012 $503,500.00 The Wikimania Committee will provide finer detail on this.
Events $8,000.00 Refreshments, giveaways, small grants.
Library Lab $5,000.00 Technical infrastructure.
Insurance $2,000.00 Based on insurance quote. Does not include Wikimania-related insurance.
Taxes and administration $1,900.00
Technical $1,000.00 Web hosting, domain names, SSL certificate.
Total expenditures $521,400.00