Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2012–13

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Cash flow
Cash at start of year
  Unrestricted cash $2,313.37
Restricted cash $2,330.00 Allocated for the execution of two remaining tasks from the "Bootstrapping" grant
Total cash at start of year $4,643.37
Cash at end of year
Unrestricted cash $2,239.42
Restricted cash $0.00
Total cash at end of year $2,239.42
Unrestricted revenue $7,200.00
Restricted revenue $11,536.05
Total revenue $18,736.05
Program expenses $14,785.00
Administrative expenses $6,355.00
Total expenses $21,140.00


Restricted revenue
  Grant reallocation $11,536.05 Unspent funds from the "Events 2012" and "Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 USA" grants
Total restricted revenue $11,536.05
Unrestricted revenue
  Individual and corporate donations $5,000.00
Membership dues $1,200.00 Based on a target of 120 memberships between February and September
Member donations $1,000.00 Based on a target of thirty $25 payments, seven $50 payments, and three $100 payments
Total unrestricted revenue $7,200.00


Program costs
  Direct costs
  GLAM Boot Camp $8,000.00 Covers catering, venue, travel and accommodation for out-of-area attendees, and incidental costs
Outreach events $2,000.00 Calculated based on an estimated cost of $400 per event for five events, covering costs of catering and/or venue
Embassy events $1,500.00 Venue fees and/or event co-sponsorship
Wiki Loves Monuments prizes $1,500.00
Wiki Loves Monuments exhibition $750.00 Covers printing costs and event hosting expenses
Total direct costs $13,750.00
Overhead costs
  Promotional materials $535.00 Folders, leaflets, banners, etc.
Regional transportation $500.00
Total overhead costs $1,035.00
Total program costs $14,785.00
Administrative costs
  Insurance $2,000.00 Covered by the remaining funding under the "Bootstrapping" grant
Office rent $1,980.00 At 1629 K St NW, DC presently
Filing fees $1,325.00 Registered agent fees, IRS forms, charitable solictation license, and trade name registration
Online presence $530.00 Web hosting, SSL license, domain names, and dues
Business cards $150.00
PO box $120.00 Details at Contact
Miscellaneous $250.00 Printing, postage, etc.
Total administrative costs $6,355.00 Remaining funding under the "Bootstrapping" grant covers $2,330.00 of this budget