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This budget lists Wikimedia DC's planned revenues and expenses for the 2014–15 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2014 and ends on September 30, 2015. Its objectives are discussed in the Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2014–15.


Cash flow
Cash at start of fiscal year
  Unrestricted cash $961.86
Restricted cash $11,803.62
Total cash at start of fiscal year $12,765.48
Cash at end of fiscal year
Unrestricted cash $10,040.19
Restricted cash $0.00
Total cash at end of fiscal year $10,040.19
Unrestricted revenue $25,800.00
Restricted revenue $127,090.00
Total revenue $152,890.00
Program expenses $149,130.00 A detailed list of program expenses is provided below.
Administrative expenses $5,132.00 A detailed list of administrative expenses is provided below.
Total expenses $154,262.00


Restricted revenue
  Grant reallocation $1,353.29 Reallocation from the "Projects 2014" grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.
New grant funding $125,736.71 To be funded by grants from the Wikimedia Foundation.
Total restricted revenue $127,090.00
Unrestricted revenue
  Donations $17,000.00 Includes member donations and conference sponsorships.
Ticket sales $8,000.00 For admission to the Wikipedia Public Health Summit.
Membership dues $800.00
Total unrestricted revenue $25,800.00


Program costs
  Direct costs
  Diversity Conference $50,000.00 Planned for summer 2015, in partnership with other Wikimedia organizations.
Volunteer Training $22,000.00 Includes the Workshop Facilitator Training and GLAM Boot Camp. Most of this line item covers travel expenses, as we recruit participants for our training on a national basis.
WikiConference USA Scholarship Program $21,750.00 Estimate based on an average price of $725/scholarship, based on data from WikiConference USA 2014.
Summer of Monuments $17,950.00 Holdover from Fiscal Year 2013–14; includes funding for prizes and an extension of the Project Manager's contract through January 2015.
Cultural Partnerships $17,275.00 The expected total program cost is $29,275, with half of the Cultural Partnerships Coordinator's contract delivery occurring in Fiscal Year 2015–16. The associated program costs are included in this year's budget as a conservative estimate.
Public Health Summit $15,000.00 Our partner for the conference is bearing most of the cost; this covers food and beverage and expenses for program-related personnel.
Edit-a-thons $1,865.00 Includes food, beverage, and incidental costs for ten edit-a-thons.
Wikipedia Workshop Series $1,360.00 Includes food, beverage, and incidental costs for two series of workshops.
Meetups and Local Events $1,000.00 Includes WikiSalons, the 2014 Annual Meeting, and the Wiknic.
Small Grants Program $500.00 The chapter's annual plan targets five of these, run outside the chapter's area and membership.
Technology Programs $430.00 Includes two event sponsorships and the costs of attending Transparency Camp 2015.
Total direct costs $149,130.00
Total program costs $149,130.00
Administrative costs
  Office rent $1,872.00 Co-working space at 1730 Connecticut Avenue NW.
Technology $1,660.00 Virtual server, CRM, Qualtrics, SSL certificate, Meetup dues, domain names.
Bookkeeping $480.00 QuickBooks Online bookkeeping software subscription.
Mailing costs $400.00 For three anticipated mailings over the course of the fiscal year.
Business cards $210.00
PO box $140.00 P.O. Box 9822, Washington, DC 20016.
Fax service $120.00 Continuing service at $10/month.
Miscellaneous $250.00 Printing, postage, etc.
Total administrative costs $5,132.00