Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2016–17

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This budget lists Wikimedia DC's planned revenues and expenses for the 2016–17 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2016 and ends on September 30, 2017. The associated programs and objectives are discussed in the Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2016–17.


Cash flow
Cash at start of fiscal year
  Unrestricted cash $14,000.00
Restricted cash $60,000.00 Third-party grantee funds, including Art+Feminism 2016 and WikiConference North America 2016, administered under fiscal sponsorship arrangements.
Total cash at start of fiscal year $74,000.00
Cash at end of fiscal year
Unrestricted cash $5,625.00
Restricted cash $0.00
Total cash at end of fiscal year $5,625.00
Unrestricted revenue $9,000.00 A detailed list of unrestricted revenues is provided below.
Restricted revenue $138,827.00 A detailed list of restricted revenues is provided below.
Total revenue $147,827.00
Program expenses $207,577.00 A detailed list of program expenses is provided below.
Administrative expenses $8,625.00 A detailed list of administrative expenses is provided below.
Total expenses $216,202.00


Restricted revenue
  Wikimedia Foundation grants $63,827.00 Amount of planned grant application to the Simple Annual Plan Grants program, corresponding to total institutional partnership program costs.
Fiscal sponsorships $75,000.00 Grants issued by the Wikimedia Foundation or other grantmaking organizations and administered on behalf of a third-party grantee.
Total restricted revenue $138,827.00
Unrestricted revenue
  Individual donations $7,500.00 Significant individual donations in excess of $1,000 per donor per year.
Member dues and donations $1,500.00 Membership dues and associated donations not exceeding $1,000 per member per year.
Total unrestricted revenue $9,000.00


Program costs
  Institutional partnership
  Institutional Partnerships Manager
  Salary $45,067.00 Full-time position at an effective rate of $26/hour, with an estimated hire date of 60 days after the start of the fiscal year.
Fringe $11,260.00 Aggregated FICA, Medicare, FUTA and DC unemployment tax costs, estimated at 15% of salary, plus $450/month healthcare stipend.
Total Institutional Partnerships Manager costs $56,327.00
Editing events $7,500.00 Food, beverage, and incidental costs for 50 collaborative editing events, with an estimated cost of $300 per event and an estimated 50% of events not requiring funding.
Total institutional partnership costs $63,827.00
Content development
  Contest prizes $2,250.00 Estimated as one contest with a total prize pool, of $750 and one contest with total prizes of $1,500, consisting of six prize pools of $250 each.
Total content development costs $2,250.00
Training and support
  Training workshop $1,000.00
Total training and support costs $1,000.00
Grantmaking and sponsorship
  Fiscal sponsorships $135,000.00 Wikimedia DC serves as a custodian and administrator for third-party grant funds, which are anticipated to include Art+Feminism 2017 and WikiConference North America 2017.
Book grants $2,750.00 Funding for 10 grants, with an estimated value of $275 per grant.
Small grants $2,250.00 Funding for 5 grants, with an estimated value of $450 per grant.
Total grantmaking and sponsorship costs $140,000.00
Public policy
  Events $500.00 Food, beverage, and incidental costs for 2 panels or workshops, with an estimated cost of $250 per event.
Total public policy costs $500.00
Total program costs $207,577.00
Administrative costs
  Accounting services $1,500.00 Preparation assistance for Form 990-EZ and related filings.
Accounting software $507.00 QuickBooks Online bookkeeping software subscription.
Total accounting costs $2,007.00
Insurance $2,000.00 Directors and officers, general liability, and worker's compensation insurance.
  Board meetings $864.00 Venue costs for 6 meetings, with an estimated costs of $144 per meeting.
Annual meeting $550.00 Venue, food, beverage, award, and incidental costs for one meeting.
Committee meetings $144.00 Venue costs for 4 meetings, with an estimated costs of $36 per meeting.
Total meeting costs $1,558.00
Technology $1,250.00 Hosting, subscription, domain name registrations.
Filing fees $650.00 Corporate registration, licensing, and registered agent fees.
Printing and publishing
  Marketing materials $300.00
Business cards $300.00
Total publishing and printing costs $600.00
  Postage $245.00 Postage costs for one set of ballot mailings and one set of announcements.
PO box $160.00 P.O. Box 9822, Washington, DC 20016.
Total mailing costs $405.00
Transaction fees $155.00 PayPal and bank wire fees.
Total administrative costs $8,625.00