Annual financial report (2012–2013)

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Income Statement

Revenue Donations $7,490.00 Grants $2,750.00 This does not include the "Outreach 2013" grant of $11,086.05 awarded by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is funded through excess grant funds from last year. Event sponsorships $500.00 Membership dues $590.00 Wikimania 2012 $(14.00) Final Wikimania business, including receipts from uncollected accounts and refunds TOTAL $11,316.00

Expenses Program $12,232.14 Taxes $4,102.68 Corporate income taxes paid to the federal and DC governments from Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012, paid in this fiscal year due to issues securing tax-exempt status from the IRS Rent $1,320.00 Admin expenses $615.32 Grants $592.70 This does not include grant expenses that were instead classified as program expenses Technical expenses $497.90 Asset depreciation $384.83 20% per year, starting with the close of Fiscal Year 2013 Transaction fees $124.91 TOTAL $19,870.48

Net loss $(8,554.48)

Statement of Retained Earnings

Beginning retained earnings $15,449.10 Net loss $(8,554.48) Total retained earnings $6,894.62

Balance Sheet

Current assets Unrestricted cash $2,302.29 Includes our bank account and two gift cards Temporarily restricted cash $3,133.21 From WMF Bootstrapping Grant and Outreach 2013 grant. Non-current assets Fixed assets $1,923.94 Accumulated depreciation $(384.83) Net fixed assets $1,539.11

Liabilities Total $- Equities Retained earnings $6,894.62 Donated capital $79.99

Statement of Cash Flows

Operating activities Decrease in accounts payable $(11,877.93) Decrease from operations $(2,811.54) Decrease in prepaid expenses $(81.45) Total $(14,770.92) Investing activities Total $- Financing activities Total $- Net cash loss $(14,770.92)