Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2014–15

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This report describes the financial activities of Wikimedia District of Columbia during Fiscal Year 2014–15, covering the period from October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015.

Income Statement

Grants $20,286.95
Direct grants $2,560.95 Wikimedia Foundation funding for the "Projects 2015" PEG.
Fiscal sponsorship grants $11,226.00 Wikimedia Foundation funding for the Art+Feminism program, administered by Wikimedia DC under a fiscal sponsorship agreement with the Art+Feminism organizing team.
Government grants and contracts $6,500.00 Revenue recognized to date under Wikimedia DC contract with National Archives Trust Fund Board (NATFB).
Donations $10,590.79 Includes membership dues, member donations in excess of dues, and individual non-member donations.
Total revenue $30,877.74  
Program expenses $29,287.51
Art+Feminism fiscal sponsorship $10,898.40 Art+Feminism program costs, funded through associated fiscal sponsorship.
Wikipedia Summer of Monuments $6,875.34
GLAM Consortium events $7,813.26 Travel and event costs for 2015 GLAM-Wiki U.S. Consortium meeting, funded through Wikimedia DC contract with National Archives Trust Fund Board (NATFB).
Grants $1,697.56 Grants for events in Ocean City, Maryland; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.
Edit-a-thon events $1,073.38
Other events $929.57 Miscellaneous events, including WikiSalons and social events.
Administrative expenses $3,657.62
Office rent $1,668.00 Virtual office space at Cove.
Online presence $1,152.91 Hosting and domain registration costs.
Bookkeeping $519.55
Transaction fees $56.16 Fees for Paypal transactions and wire transfers.
Other administrative expenses $261.00 Fax service, postage, and other administrative costs.
Asset depreciation $384.60 Straight line depreciation of computer equipment.
Total expenses $33,329.73  
Net surplus (decrease)
Net surplus (decrease) ($2,451.99)  

Statement of Accumulated Surplus

Beginning accumulated surplus $6,894.62  
Net surplus (decrease) ($2,451.99)  
Total net accumulated surplus $4,442.63  

Balance Sheet

Current assets
Unrestricted cash $576.42
Restricted cash $11,922.34
Non-current assets
Fixed assets $1,923.94
Accumulated depreciation ($769.43)
Net fixed assets $1,154.51  
Total assets $13,653.27  
Liabilities and net assets
Net assets
Net accumulated surplus $13,653.27  
Total liabilities and net assets $13,653.27  


About Wikimedia District of Columbia:

Wikimedia District of Columbia is the official chapter of the Wikimedia movement in the Washington, DC area. The chapter is incorporated in the District of Columbia, which is its principal place of business. The chapter serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia and conducts outreach activities to further the mission of the Wikimedia movement, including free access to the world’s information.

Internal controls:

The President and Treasurer are, and were throughout the fiscal year, the only persons authorized to incur expenses on behalf of Wikimedia District of Columbia, in accordance with the Fiscal Control Policy. Expenses were authorized by the Board of Directors or by the President in order to conduct day-to-day business.

Accounts payable:

Wikimedia District of Columbia has no lines of credit, so any recognized accounts payable are from accounts where an expense is recognized but payment is deferred for any reason. Expenses are recognized when the chapter receives documentation of an expense such as an invoice or receipt.

Asset accounts:

Wikimedia District of Columbia maintains two checking accounts at Wells Fargo Bank, one for general purposes and the other for Wikimedia Foundation grants. The Wikimedia Foundation required that funds associated with grants from it be held in a separate account. Wikimedia District of Columbia maintains a PayPal account to receive payments.

Program expenses:

A detailed description of programs, including direct programs and grants, is provided in the Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014–15.