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| Staff
| Staff
| align="right" | $66,884.99
| align="right" | $66,884.99
| width="60%" | {{note|Wages and payroll taxes for one full-time employee and two contractors.}}
| width="60%" | {{note|Wages and payroll taxes for one full-time employee.}}
| Events
| Events

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This report describes the financial activities of Wikimedia District of Columbia during Fiscal Year 2019–20, covering the period from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020.

Income Statement

Restricted revenue
Wikimedia Foundation grants ($15,585.58) Return of unspent grant funds from prior fiscal year.
Total restricted revenue ($15,585.58)
Unrestricted revenue
Individual donations $50,000.00 Significant individual donations in excess of $1,000 per donor per year.
Member dues and donations $2,120.00 Membership dues and associated donations not exceeding $1,000 per member per year.
Corporate donations $48.02
Affiliate programs $19.90 AmazonSmile and Nonprofits on Facebook.
Total unrestricted revenue $52,187.92
Total revenue $36,602.34  
Program costs
Institutional partnership
Staff $66,884.99 Wages and payroll taxes for one full-time employee.
Events $2,671.99 Food, beverage, and incidental costs.
Travel $1,194.75
Total institutional partnership costs $70,751.73
Leadership development and support
Sponsored projects $1,500.00 Expenditures associated with the Wiki Science Competition.
Total leadership development and support costs $1,500.00
Total program costs $72,251.73  
Administrative costs
Accounting software $840.00 QuickBooks Online subscription.
Payroll service $655.08 Gusto payroll service.
Transaction fees $134.21 PayPal and Wells Fargo fees.
Total finance costs $1,629.29
Filing fees $294.00
Total legal costs $294.00
Mail service $720.00 Mail delivery service at Cove.
PO box $150.00
Total mailing costs $870.00
Annual meeting $615.50
Total meeting costs $615.50
Technology $1,404.97
Travel $1,180.41
Total administrative costs $5,994.17  
Total expenses $78,245.90  
Net surplus
Net operating surplus ($41,643.56)  

Statement of Accumulated Surplus

Beginning accumulated surplus $78,739.18  
Net surplus ($41,643.56)  
Total net accumulated surplus $37,095.62  

Balance Sheet

Current assets
Unrestricted cash $5,357.54
Restricted cash $31,738.08
Total assets $37,095.62  
Liabilities and net assets
Net assets
Net accumulated surplus $37,095.62  
Total liabilities and net assets $37,095.62