Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018–19

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This report describes the activities of Wikimedia District of Columbia during Fiscal Year 2018–19, covering the period from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.


During the 2018–19 fiscal year, Wikimedia DC program activity focused on institutional partnerships. Consistent with past program results, collaborative editing events, such as edit-a-thons and editing workshops, comprised the bulk of our institutional partnership program activity. Over the course of the fiscal year, Wikimedia DC supported a total of 30 events in partnership with 25 institutional partners. Of these 30 events, 19 were aimed at improving diversity, representing 63% of the total activity in the program.

Our institutional partners included a broad spectrum of cultural, academic, and government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and other groups:

The partner institutions included 12 new partners, for whom the collaboration marked their first engagement with Wikimedia DC, and often with the Wikimedia movement in general; these partners are marked with stars in the list above. The year's events included Wikimedia DC's first Spanish-language editing workshop, organized in collaboration with the Pan American Development Foundation.

Organizational development

James Hare
Maria Rimmel

Wikimedia DC awarded its 2018 Distinguished Service Award to James Hare for exemplary contributions to the advancement of public knowledge and the collection, development, and dissemination of educational content. As one of the founders of Wikimedia District of Columbia, James played a crucial role in the development of the chapter as an independent nonprofit organization, the planning and execution of numerous high-profile programs, and the establishment of our relationships with many of our long-term partners. Under his leadership, Wikimedia District of Columbia grew from a small group of local volunteers to an effective and influential player within the global Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia DC awarded its 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award to Maria Rimmel for her dedication to the advancement of public knowledge and the collection, development, and dissemination of educational content. A veteran Wikimedia volunteer, Maria stepped up to take a leading role in planning and executing the WikiConference North America 2018 program, consistently demonstrating incredible energy, dedication, and focus and working closely with Wikimedia District of Columbia board members and volunteers to ensure a successful conference.

The Wikimedia DC Board of Directors held 5 meetings during the 2018–19 fiscal year, on October 28, 2018; December 2, 2018; May 4, 2019; June 30, 2019; and September 7, 2019.