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Wikimedia DC has presented Distinguished Service Awards and Volunteer of the Year Awards.

At our 2013 Annual Meeting, the inaugural Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Sara Snyder and Effie Kapsalis in recognition of their work within the Smithsonian Institution to encourage people to learn how to edit Wikipedia.

At our October, 2014 annual meeting, Andrew Lih received the 2014 Distinguished Service Award, and Kristin Anderson and Jim Hayes each received our 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award. The following commendations were read:

Wikimedia District of Columbia awards its 2014 Volunteer of the Year Award to Kristin Anderson and Jim Hayes for their dedication to the advancement of public knowledge and the collection, development, and dissemination of educational content.
Kristin and Jim have demonstrated exemplary commitment, regularly devoting their time to attend and enhance our events. They are enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming to newcomers to Wikimedia. They eagerly help others learn about the Wikimedia projects.
Jim serves on our Public Policy Committee and presented on Capitol Hill about Wikimedia. He is an active editor on Wikisource and posted many, many images on Wikimedia Commons. He trains others on Wikimedia at almost every event we hold.
Kristin has been effective at drawing in diverse editors and new chapter members. She studied the Native American language of Salish and reached out to potential editors in Native American languages. She organized our chapter's first Africa-focused edit-a-thon.
We thank them for their service to Wikimedia District of Columbia and to the Wikimedia movement, and look forward to their continued participation in our volunteer programs.