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The Board of Directors of Wikimedia District of Columbia manages the business affairs of the organization pursuant to Article VI of the Wikimedia DC Bylaws. The Board currently consists of seven Directors:

Most meetings of the Board are open to the general public; to see the schedule of upcoming meetings, as well as the minutes of past meetings, please visit the meetings page. A list of resolutions adopted by the Board is available on the resolutions page.


Kristin Anderson

Djembayz with two editors

Kristin Anderson (User:Djembayz) has been contributing to English Wikipedia since 2010. She is a founding member of Wikimedia DC, attends most local edit-a-thons and meetups, and was an active participant in the Wikimania 2012 arrangements. One of her favorite projects has been the Wikipedia Blind Book Club at DC Public Library. She has led edit-a-thons at Missoula Public Library and Mansfield Library at the University of Montana. She enjoys adding categories and occasional images to Wikimedia Commons, serving as a point of contact for German- and Spanish- speaking Wikipedians, and editing articles about old sailing ships and Native American languages.

Kristin works as a cataloger at a Very Large Library, but her activities related to wiki projects and the Wikimedia DC Board are performed in her personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of her employer.

Nicholas Michael Bashour

Nicholas Michael Bashour

Nicholas Michael Bashour (User:AutoGyro) has been contributing to the English Wikipedia since 2007. As a member of the founding Board of Directors of The Wiki Society of Washington DC (which eventually became Wikimedia DC), Mr. Bashour has assisted in laying the basic foundations of the organization. In his current role, he hopes to expand the membership of the organization by organizing outreach events with various groups and organizations in the region. His interests include Open Source policies in government, Wikinomics, international collaborations in arts and sciences, and access to free knowledge in developing regions. Outside of Wikimedia DC, Mr. Bashour works as an IRTA Fellow at the National Institutes of Health. He is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit with a dual-degree in Journalism and Biology. He can be followed on Twitter or LinkedIn

Tom Risen

Biography forthcoming

Katie Filbert

Katie Filbert

Katie Filbert (User:Aude) has been contributing to English Wikipedia since 2004. She has been active in the DC area meetup group since 2007, organizing meetups and events, and coordinating partnerships between Wikimedia DC and cultural institutions, including the Smithsonian, National Archives, and the District of Columbia Public Library. On Wikimedia projects, she serves as an admin on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, handles customer service tickets, and hacks on MediaWiki software as a developer. She also is an active contributor to the OpenStreetMap project. Outside of Wikimedia, she is a geographer and web developer, having worked on projects at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Filbert is User:Aude on all Wikimedia projects and @filbertkm on Twitter.

James Hare

James Hare

James Hare has been serving as the Treasurer of Wikimedia DC since its founding on May 7, 2011. A Wikipedia editor since 2004 and administrator since 2006, he has always fancied himself as a WikiGnome, making various odd contributions around Wikipedia without focusing on any particular topic. He is currently focusing his efforts on organizing Wikimania 2012, the international Wikipedia conference, in Washington. As Treasurer, his goal is to secure a diverse base of donors while planning events that will enhance Wikimedia's brand in D.C. He thoroughly enjoys this job.

Originally from the great state of New Jersey, Hare currently studies political science at American University. His Wikipedia username is harej, pronounced "hare jay". Despite the seemingly ethnic connotations, this is just his last name and first initial; the origins of this username have been described as "deflatingly quotidian". An enthusiastic Starbucks patron and amateur writer, Hare can also be found on Twitter as @harej.

Kirill Lokshin

Kirill Lokshin

Kirill Lokshin (User:Kirill_Lokshin) is a founding board member and secretary of Wikimedia DC. He has edited Wikipedia since June 2005, contributing to military history and other topics, and became an administrator in October of the same year. From February 2006 to February 2008, he served as the lead coordinator of the Military history WikiProject; having stepped down from that position, He was elected coordinator emeritus in September 2008. He was first elected to the Arbitration Committee in December 2006, and served as the coordinating arbitrator from January 2009 until my resignation from the committee that July. He was re-elected to the committee in December 2009. In May 2011, he helped found Wikimedia District of Columbia. Since that time, he has served on the chapter's Board of Directors, holding the position of Secretary. Professionally, he is an engineer, helping to design and build ground systems for satellites and other spacecraft.

Tiffany L. Smith

Tiffany Smith first learned about Wikipedia when she was working in a bookstore in 2003, but it took some time for her to stop talking about how neat Wikipedia was and start contributing. Now, Tiffany cares most about trying to ease that transition for others. She is a founding member of Wikimedia DC and an active participant on the Wikimania 2012 committee. You can find her as User:Metabrarian on Wikimedia projects and @tiffanysmith on Twitter.

A graduate of Fordham University and The Catholic University of America's School of Library and Information Science, her research interests include collaborative sensemaking, information retrieval, and online community behavior. Tiffany Smith is employed by the US Federal Government, but her activities related to wiki projects and the Wikimedia DC Board are performed in her personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the US Government.