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The business affairs of the Wiki Society of Washington, DC Inc. are managed by a seven-member Board of Directors.

The current members of the Board, elected at the October 1 Annual Membership Meeting, are:

  • Katie Filbert (President)
  • Nicholas Bashour (Vice-President)
  • Kirill Lokshin (Secretary)
  • James Hare (Treasurer)
  • Robert C. Platt
  • Tiffany L. Smith

Most meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the general public. To see the schedule of upcoming meetings, as well as the agendas and minutes of past meetings, please visit the meetings page.


Katie Filbert

Katie Filbert (User:Aude) has been contributing to English Wikipedia since 2004. She has been active in the DC area meetup group since 2007, organizing meetups and events, and coordinating partnerships between Wikimedia DC and cultural institutions, including the Smithsonian, National Archives, and the District of Columbia Public Library. On Wikimedia projects, she serves as an admin on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, handles customer service tickets, and hacks on MediaWiki software as a developer. She also is an active contributor to the OpenStreetMap project. Outside of Wikimedia, she is a geographer and web developer, working on projects at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). I am User:Aude on all Wikimedia projects and @filbertkm on Twitter.

Nicholas Bashour

Kirill Lokshin

James Hare

Robert C. Platt

Tiffany L. Smith