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{{header title|title=Contact us}}{{side tab frame top}}
Interested in contacting the Wiki Society of Washington, DC? There are several convenient ways to get in touch with us:
<!-- TABS -->
{{side tabs/Contact|tab=1}}
|style="padding: 2em;" |
<!-- CONTENT -->
; The best way to contact us is by email
[mailto:info@wikimediadc.org info{{@}}wikimediadc.org]
; By mail
:Correspondence may be addressed to:
::Wiki Society of Washington, DC Inc.
::<Add PO box information here>
; Want to send us a letter?
; Online
:Messages may be sent to one of our public mailing lists:
:* [mailto:wikimedia-dc@lists.wikimedia.org wikimedia-dc@lists.wikimedia.org] (general discussion)
|}[[Category:Pages linked from the sidebar]][[Category:Side tab pages]]
:* [mailto:wikidc-internal@googlegroups.com wikidc-internal@googlegroups.com] (organizational discussion)
:Please note that any material sent to the mailing lists will be open to the general public.
; Legal inquiries
:Legal inquiries may be sent to our registered agent:
::<Add registered agent information here>

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