Employee attendance and leave policy

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1. Scope This policy details the policies governing paid and unpaid leave for all employees, both full-time and part-time, who will be receiving compensation from Wikimedia District of Columbia. It also covers unpaid interns and volunteers that are required to keep office hours.

2. Exclusions. This policy does not apply to members of the Board of Directors of Wikimedia District of Columbia, to the Officers of Wikimedia District of Columbia, to members of the Standing, Special, and Advisory Committees of Wikimedia District of Columbia, or to positions expressly appointed by the Board of Directors.

3. Unpaid Personnel. Unpaid personnel as described in Paragraph 1 of this Article do not qualify for paid leave but may be granted unpaid leave.


1. Attendance. Employees are expected to be at their designated office during previously agreed-upon office hours. Employees who experience a delay or emergency which will require them to be more than 30 minutes late in arriving should notify a member of the management team of their expected arrival time. Employees shall agree to work alternate hours at the request of the supervisor. Employees may, with approval of the supervisor, work alternate hours, so long as such modifications do not impair Wikimedia District of Columbia's operations.


1. Holidays. All employees are entitled to paid leave for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Washington's Birthday (also known as Presidents Day), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Wikimedia District of Columbia shall rely on federal law for the definitions of those holidays. When Christmas, New Year's Day or Independence Day falls upon a weekend, a nearby workday will be designated instead.

2. Paid Vacation. Full-time employees who successfully complete probation are permitted to use three weeks of paid vacation per year, with a maximum of seven calendar days of vacation per month permitted. At least one week's notice is required to make use of vacation time. Part-time, non-probationary employees are entitled to pro-rated time for vacation.

3. Sick Leave. Full-time employees who successfully complete probation are entitled to sick leave, for a maximum of 8 days per year, of paid sick leave. Absences due to illness or medical appointment may be charged to sick leave. Before returning to work from a sick leave absence of five (5) calendar days or more, an employee must provide a physician’s verification that he or she may safely return to work. Unused sick leave does not carry over to the next fiscal year, and no pay is given in lieu of sick leave. Unused sick leave lapses without compensation upon the termination of employment with Wikimedia District of Columbia. Sick leave is to be taken in the event of the illness of an employee or, of the employee's dependent child; it is not an all purpose leave. Extended sick leave for a serious illness may be allowed by the President. Part-time employees are entitled to pro-rated time for sick leave. After 5 consecutive days of absence due to illness, an employee should file for short-term disability. Employees should call a member of the senior staff within one half-hour of starting time on the first day of absence. Employees whose illness extends beyond one day must advise their supervisor of their expected day of return.

4. Disability Leave Without Pay. Accrued sick leave may be used during medically verified disability. A request for medically verified disability should be approved by the President and a statement for the reason for the leave and intention to return to work at a specified date should be included. A disabled worker is entitled to 60 days of job protection.

5. Parental Leave. Employees who become parents, either by birth or adoption, may receive a total of 3 months leave. During this time, employees will first be required to use any accrued sick and/or vacation time. The amount of sick and/or vacation time used will be the total accrued amounts as of the last day of work before the leave begins. The balance of the leave will be without pay although employees will continue to accrue sick leave to be used upon return. Following maternity/paternity leave an employee may return to the same position held by the employee when the leave commenced, if available, or to a position of substantially similar status, benefits and pay.

6. Jury Duty. Full-time employees who have completed their probationary period and who are called to serve as jurors or are subpoenaed to appear before a court as a witness will receive their regular pay minus any jury duty pay or witness fee received for each work day while in court for jury duty or as a witness. The receipt of a notice to report to jury duty or of a subpoena shall be reported immediately to the President and/or member of the senior staff. Wikimedia District of Columbia reserves the right to request that the employee be exempted from jury duty if the employee's services are essential.

7. Military Leave. A full-time employee who is a member of an organized reserve unit of the Armed Forces of the United States of the National Guard and who attends a regular military camp will be granted the time necessary to meet his or her obligation. A full-time employee who is a member of an organized reserve unit of the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard who is called into active duty shall be granted a military leave of absence for the period for which they are called. An employee must give the President immediate notice of the dates of intended absence. In the case of active duty, the employee shall report for work at Wikimedia District of Columbia no later than five days following discharge from active duty. Wikimedia District of Columbia cannot guarantee that any employee will return to the same position which they filled prior to the active duty, but will make every effort to provide an equivalent position. Military leave will not be counted against vacation days, but will instead be considered to be on a leave of absence without pay.