Grant application: Harvard Business School Wikipedia Workshop - March 2015

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Status: Open

Personal information

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(1) What is your name?

Abhishek Suryawanshi

(2) What is your email address?

(3) Do you currently reside in the United States? If not, please specify your country of residence.


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On Behalf of Indian Wikipedians in U.S

Description of purpose

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Contribution to Wikimedia DC Mission

Increase participation
The India Conference at Harvard is one of the largest India conferences in the US. It is hosted at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School by the graduate students of Harvard University.
This crowd of Indian community scientists, writers, academics, students, and online activists are an ideal pool of candidates both for potential editors and spreading the message of the importance of wiki participation by their colleagues and respective organization's volunteers.
Personally I am using Wikipedia to enhance learning by adding related topics content and it is helping me alot.
I will encourage students to follow same.
Improve quality
During Indic Language Wikipedia Workshop, local Language Wikipedia Projects can be improved.
Participants can give feedback to proposed Indic Language Wiki Workshops which will improve overall proposal.
Increase reach
In addition to possible editor recruitment, the organization and community leaders present have enormous influence over how tools like Wikipedia are both used and promoted by organization and community projects.
Indic Language Wiki Projects increased reach.

Grant financials

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Participants :

  1. Abhishek Suryawanshi
  2. Abhay Natu
  3. Shweta Kokate
(7) How much funding do you need?


(8) When will you need funding?
  • Tickets : asap
  • Rest : 5th March 2015
(9) What specific costs will the funding cover?
  • Travel (Abhay Natu - round trip airfare from Colorado to Boston): USD 510$
  • Accommodation: USD 80 per night x 4 nights = USD 320$
  • Meals : USD 20 x 2 x 4 days = USD 160$
  • Conference Registration : USD 110
  • Workshop Seminar Hall : ~1000$ (in-kind support)