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This is a web page dedicated to audio game accessibility.

Some resources:

AudioGames http://audiogames.net/

USA Games Interactive http://www.usagamesinteractive.com/

GMA Games http://www.gmagames.com/

AbleGamers http://www.ablegamers.com/

Game Accessibility http://www.gameaccessibility.com/

Wikipedia Article on Game Accessibility http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_accessibility

Bartiméus Accessibility foundation http://www.accessibility.nl/?languageId=2

Accessible Games for the Disabled and Sight Impaired http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/fungames.shtml

Blind-Gamers http://www.omninet.net.au/~irhumph/blindgamers.htm

United States Blind Chess Association http://www.crisscrosstech.com/usbca/


List of Games: Troompanum Shades of Doom Chillingham Deekout TankCommander Playing in the Dark TopSpeed 2 Super Tennis Terraformers Grizzly Gulch Trek 2000 The Curb Game Lone Wolf Alien Outback

Ideas for Games: Game that teaches singing through interactive delay/harmonization Social Game built on www.mytelespace.net/