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[Mailing list metrics]

Wikimedia DC's primary method of social media outreach is Twitter, with all tweets automatically re-posted on Facebook. The platform is used for general and institutional outreach and event promotion.

Q1 January February March Q2 total Quarterly increase
Impressions 48638 51990 24027 26266 102283 110.29%
Engagements 1183 808 276 457 1541 30.26%
URL clicks 200 145 43 46 234 17.00%
Retweets 165 84 28 50 162 -1.82%
Detail expands 244 171 47 82 300 22.95%
Media views 140 181 44 127 352 151.43%
Media engagements 140 181 44 127 352 151.43%

This quarter marks a significant increase in social media engagement over the previous quarter. The largest drivers of engagement were from two efforts in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation Communications team. The first was our announcement of the winners of the US 2017 Wiki Science photo competition], representing approximately a quarter of the total Q2 engagement alone. The winning photos drew much attention on social media, helped by retweets from the official Wikimedia account and the institutional accounts of the volunteer judges, who worked for universities and other partner institutions. The second was our participation in the #wikipigeon social media campaign from WMF Communications. It is probably not coincidental that both of these significant traffic drivers were image-based campaigns, so we will explore similar engagement opportunities in the future.