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Each year, the members of Wikimedia District of Columbia elects members to the Board of Directors. Each elected member serves a two-year term.


When the corporation held its organizational meeting on May 7, 2011, one day after being incorporated, the three incorporators appointed themselves and four additional people to form an interim board of directors that would serve until the first membership meeting, held October 1, 2011.

During the first election of the Board, all seven seats were up for election. Six candidates ran, and all were elected. Of these six, two members opted for one year terms, so as to allow for term staggering as required by the bylaws. With one seat not being filled, the previous holder of the seat continued to serve until he resigned shortly after the election.


Originally, the Wikimedia DC board had up to seven elected members, with four elected during one year and three during another, each for two year terms. Unlike the first election, held at an in-person meeting of the membership, subsequent elections were held by mailed ballot.

  • February 2013 election—Held in lieu of a 2012 election. Four seats were up for election: three expiring seats plus one seat caused by a resignation mid-term. Three members were elected, with the fourth later being appointed.
  • October 2013 election—The regular 2013 election. Four seats were up for election. Three members were elected, with Nicholas Bashour continuing to hold his seat following the end of his term.
  • 2014 election—Four seats were up for election: three expiring seats, plus the seat not filled from the last election (filled in the interim by Nicholas Bashour). Three members were elected to two-year terms, and one was elected to a one-year term.


Starting with the 2015 election, the Board of Directors switched to six elected seats and three appointed seats, with three of the six seats being up for election each year. (The appointed seats are renewed annually.)