Election policy amendment 2020

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Status: Under Review

Resolution #1


The following text is not part of the proposed resolution:

  • In III.3, make explicit that there is an expectation that the election committee produces a certain kind of report after an election: the Ballot, Exhibits, and Results as shown on Meetings_(2019–2020)
  • article VII -- in VII.1, VII.2 and VII.5, give committee a bit more time just to be realistic -- I suggest 48 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours
  • Point to where the quorum is specified, for speedy clarity. It is in the bylaws, article V section 5. A reasonable practice after a election is held that does not meet the quorum is to recruit new members and quickly run a new election.
  • ARTICLE IV - ELIGIBILITY - change to CANDIDATE ELIGIBILITY. The eligibility for the Election Committee is discussed in an earlier section.