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  • Ensure that the venue has sufficient wifi for all participants and arrange for passwords for attendees if necessary.
  • Find out the security requirements are for attendees: (US citizens? Photo ID? Advance registration?)
  • Discuss relevant policies with institutional partners, including Safe Space Policy and procedures for excluding users banned under this policy, policies for attendees who do not want to be photographed, etc.
  • Arrange for a place to set up the Wikipedia Space banners, if relevant, and arrange in advance for them to go through venue security, if applicable.
  • Create event pages in Podio, Meetup, and Facebook. Note security requirements on these pages.
  • If it is an editathon, make a Wikimedia event page early so as to accumulate collectively a set of pages to be edited. Try to make clear whether attendees can effectively request not to be photographed.
  • Closer to the events, post announcements on Twitter. (Original tweets (not retweets) will automatically be posted on Facebook.)
  • Ask institutional partners to link to wikimediadc.org in their announcements and blog posts and to tag @wikimediadc on Twitter.
  • Set up and take down the Wikipedia Space banners, if relevant.
  • Take at least one photograph of the event and post it on Twitter during the event, or have a volunteer do so to their own account and tag @wikimediadc.
  • If the event is an editathon, record usernames either by hand or using the (podio?) online page.
  • Collect email addresses of attendees for followup contacts?
  • Tweet or retweet and tweets, posts, or images about the event from attendees or institutional partners.