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Wikimedia DC has awarded small grants to volunteers organizing events since 2012. To date, Wikimedia DC has awarded 18 grants valued at $7,670.41. These grants support Wikimedia activities in the Washington, DC area and throughout the United States, growing our network of volunteers.


For Fiscal Year 2016–17, Wikimedia DC will continue the small grants program, with a goal of awarding $2,000 of grants. To help reach this goal, we will reach out to active meetup groups on Wikipedia and promote the program and reach out to known volunteers.


Wikimedia DC's grant programs are made possible through its grant management workflows. Applications are accepted through the Wikimedia DC wiki while reimbursement is handled through workflow management software.


Through the small grants program we seek to fund small volunteer projects, including outreach events.


The projects and events carried out with grant monies help build the Wikimedia community and our networks as an organization.