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The lab will support and help facilitate mapping activities, including contributions to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project. We will run a series of mapping workshops, the first taking place on Saturday, September 3 at 11 am, to introduce people to OSM, with opportunity to get outside and collect some map data, and then learn how to input it into the map.

In addition to general features, public artworks, shops, etc., we're also interested in mapping features important for pedestrian and accessible routing and accessible shops/restaurants. We're also working on ways to more easily extract OSM data in useful ways and integrate it with other sources of information (e.g. historical info in the library collections, Wikipedia content, etc.).

Mapping parties (workshops)

  • September 3, 11 am - OpenStreetMap mapping party, around Chinatown / Penn Quarter; for both beginners and experienced mappers (notes)
  • September 17, 10:30 am - OpenStreetMap mapping party, around Chinatown / Judiciary Square

Accessibility mapping

We may focus during the weeks and months ahead on accessibility mapping. This may include contributing to which builds upon OpenStreetMap, and/or mapping sidewalks and features like curbcuts, so that we can have maps with pedestrian and accessible routing.

Using map data

Over the course of the next months, we will work on ways to extract OSM data in useful ways and be able to combine it with other sources of information. Sources from the library may include historical property info, photographs, books, and online sources can include Wikipedia. We can also make use of these library sources to improve Wikipedia content related to local DC history and places, and help make sure Wikipedia has good coordinate information and maps that locate places.


  • Walking Papers optimized OSM rendering + other improvements for mapping module.