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  • setup blog
  • need flyers, banners
  • wikimedia swag from sf!


  • volunteer recruitment
  • need badges for volunteers

Internal management

  • setup open atrium or something to manage scheduling, tasks, etc.


  • where are we going to store any equipment during off-hours
  • can we hang anything from the windows (e.g. artwork, banners, etc.)


Priority 1 (top)

  • the wireless is not top strength in this corner of the library, sometimes going out and (might just be me) causing my computer to freeze up. some more access point(s) would be helpful; especially if we run tech events here like a hackathon, wi-fi capacity could be an issue
  • whiteboard (we have 1 now Aude 18:08, 3 September 2011 (EDT))
  • printer access - doesn't need to be in the lab, just yet
  • extension cords (heavy duty)
  • power strips (we have 2 now Aude 18:08, 3 September 2011 (EDT))
  • signs -- see above; also signs and something to indicate when the space is open and closed
  • hand sanitizer, paper towels, soap (to wash down the tables & keep things clean)

Priority 2

  • access to projector - for mapping party and meetups / workshops
  • projector screen -- the wall could work but not the best
  • alternatively, a large monitor would work well
  • another table
  • cart
  • where to store items during off hours?

Priority 3

  • desk -- help desk, place welcome folks, answer questions (doesn't need to be big, heavy desk, but something lightweight and flexible maybe)