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A WikiSalon happening!

WikiSalons happen! They're a time for socializing and undirected editing.

Check out upcoming events for the next one.


  • A few signs and placards
    • Placards for the main lobby and the third floor lobby
    • Signs for third floor lobby and hallways
    • Still needed!
  • Updates to wikipedia:Wikipedia:SALON
    • Advertise parking
    • Advertise which suite it is
  • Ice for drinks
  • Locker access?
    • Storing items in pantry above microwave?
  • Napkins
  • Non-caffeinated drinks
  • General accessibility for the deaf
    • Etherpad URL?
    • IRC channel
      • Set up #wikimedia-dc as a standing channel?
  • Laptops for editors?
  • Box of tissues
  • General box for storage of WikiSalon items
  • Clorox wipes for the table
  • Blog about events!