Kirill Lokshin

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Kirill Lokshin (User:Kirill Lokshin) is a founding board member and president of Wikimedia DC. He has edited Wikipedia since June 2005, contributing to military history and other topics, and became an administrator in October of the same year. From February 2006 to February 2008, he served as the lead coordinator of the Military history WikiProject; having stepped down from that position, he was elected coordinator emeritus in September 2008. He was first elected to the Arbitration Committee in December 2006, and served as the coordinating arbitrator from January 2009 until his resignation from the committee that July. He was re-elected to the committee in December 2009. In May 2011, he helped found Wikimedia District of Columbia. Since that time, he has served on the chapter's Board of Directors, holding the position of Secretary. Professionally, he is an engineer, helping to design and build ground systems for satellites and other spacecraft.