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I'm Peter Benjamin Meyer. I'm in the Wikimedia DC chapter.

My regular user page is on the English Wikipedia.


  • FDC = Funds Dissemination Committee at Wikimedia Foundation
  • Night Owls -- possible cosponsor:
  • Saylor Foundation: named for MicroStrategy founder; develops open textbook/educ materials; sponsored Wikimania 2012.[1]
  • 501(c)(3) -- a category of tax exemption administered by the IRS -- tax deductibility for donors, both individual and business ; need to tweak application to IRS and add some specific language about disbursing $
  • Wiki-DC's Events 2012 grant
  • Wiki-DC also got a Wiki Loves Monuments USA 2012 grant
  • and a bootstrap grant
  • Wiki DC committed to advocating for Internet freedom (along the SOPA/PIPA issue line) and has some budget capacity for this. contact person at Lofgren's office is senior legislative counsel: harley.geiger at ; 225-3072.
  • A conference idea for 2013 is a GLAM bootcamp ; Dominic has suggested it
  • It is conceivable that Wiki DC could get a federal contract ; e.g. for a Wikimedian in residence or a NARA project. These are longshots.


  1. Saylor Foundation was a sponsor: Wikimania 2012 press release