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  • 1023 process -- this refers to the IRS Form 1023, perhaps the one needed to make donations to Wiki-DC, us a tax-exempt nonprofit. NYC chapter has done this. We have 27 months to make it, and it is then retroactive to the beginnings of the organization.
  • 501(c)(3) -- a category of tax exemption administered by the IRS -- tax deductibility for donors, both individual and business ; need to tweak application to IRS and add some specific language about disbursing $
  • Affiliations committee -- The Affiliations Committee (formerly the Chapters Committee) is a Wikimedia community committee entrusted with advising the WMF Board of Trustees on the approval of new affiliates: chapters, thematic organisations and user groups.
  • Berlin Agreement refers to the event founding the Chapters Association
  • Bootstrapping grant: A grant from WMF to Wiki-DC for starting up
  • Campus Ambassador -- usually a student at a university conducting Wikimedia outreach at that university
  • Chapter reports: Wikimedia chapters file reports here; we can compare them.
  • Chapters Association -- association of Wikimedia Chapters acting independently of the Foundation; two reps from our chapter went to a big meeting of them in Milan in April 2013 -- WCA has a glossary here.
  • CHM=Chemical Heritage Foundation-- as of March 2013 the Chemical Heritage Foundation seeks applicants for a paid Wikipedian in Residence for Spring 2013 -- a temporary full-time position to work as a community coordinator between CHF and Wikipedians--CHF is a collections-based nonprofit organization that preserves the history and heritage of chemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences and technologies. The collections are support scholarship & illuminate chemistry’s role in shaping society. For more, visit
  • Wiki-DC chapter committees: the Audit Committee, chaired as of 3/2013 by Kirill Lokshin, has an annual responsibility and does not report monthly; the Election Committee has an annual responsibility and does not report monthly; the Fundraising Committee, chaired by Peter Meyer, should report monthly on the chapter's efforts to raise funds for itself, but may have nothing to say in a particular month; the Governance Committee, chaired by Kirill Lokshin, reports monthly; the Grants Committee, chaired by Peter Meyer, reports monthly on grants given by our chapter; and the Technology Committee, chaired by Katie Filbert, reports monthly
  • the Corporation: that means this organization: Wiki Society of Washington, DC Inc., aka Wikimedia-DC
  • Dashboard: Active Board documents are often listed here: Internal:Dashboard
  • DLA Piper -- someone there does our legal services, possibly pro bono
  • Events grant: Wiki-DC received a Events 2012 grant from WMF
  • Expense Claim Form to submit to this chapter for reimbursement
  • FAIR Act
  • FDC = Funds Dissemination Committee at Wikimedia Foundation
  • the Foundation = WMF = the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Garfield Byrd is Chief of Finance and Administration at the WMF. See [1] and [2]
  • GAC = Grant Advisory Committee of WMF
  • Gibraltar issue -- an event and subsequent critique of another chapter's activity in which a local-QR-code project was structured in a way that could produce profit for somebody
  • GLAM bootcamp: A conference hosted and sponsored by wikidc, April 26-28 2013 at NARA. (venue, program)
  • Linode -- company with the servers hosting this chapter's wiki and other web sites (sources: [3]; [4])
  • Milan conference -- a meeting of representatives of chapters, April 18-21 2013.
  • Newsletter -- there's a recent proposition that this chapter could distribute regular newsletters, perhaps by mail, email, or on the blog
  • Night Owls -- a possible cosponsor for things:
  • OSI -- there are two. The Open Source Initiative ( will have their semi-annual board meeting in DC during the week of May 6 2013
  • OSI -- there are two. One rents our new office space to us at 1629 K St NW DC.
  • Points of Light Foundation -- our previous office was there
  • Saylor Foundation: a not-for-profit organization named for MicroStrategy founder; develops open textbook/educ materials; sponsored Wikimania 2012 as per this Wikimania 2012 press release
  • Thematic chapters -- prospectively, non-geographic chapters like Wikimedia Education, Wikimedia Catalan, Wikimedia LGBT, Wikimedia Medicine; like meta-WikiProjects
  • thorg -- seems to mean thematic organization, and to be a synonym for thematic chapter.
  • Wikichievements is a pilot project to assign ranks and give physical awards for editing articles, analogous to barnstars. Wikimedia Serbia and Wikimedia NYC and Wikimedia DC are supporting it. (written thus: WM RS, WM NYC, and WM DC)
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
  • Wiki-Loves-Monuments grant ; Wiki-DC also has a Wiki Loves Monuments USA 2012 grant
  • Wikipedian in Residence -- a job or intern role at a non-WMF organization; examples are at Consumer Reports, past/potential example at NARA.
  • WikiSalon -- our own chapter's name for a occasional/regular meetup at our office to which any potential or actual or member Wikipedian can come; might have refreshments
  • WikiSym -- an academic conference each fall, held so far in North America and Europe.
  • WMF = the Wikimedia Foundation, the institution of which Wikimedia-DC is a chapter

Terms on general Wikipedia

  • VandalProof: a specific anti-vandalism tool for Wikipedia [5]
  • Wall of text: Long solid paragraph [6]
  • Wheel war: Dispute between Wikipedia admins [7]
  • WikiBlame: A software tool for finding when a particular string of text was added [8]
  • Wikipedia Zero is an initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation to enable mobile access, free of data charges, to Wikipedia in developing countries. [9]
  • Wikipe-tan, Wiki-tan: a female personification of Wikipedia [10]
  • Wikisource: a sister project creating and maintaining a free online compendium of primary source texts [11]
  • Wikispam: Text or articles posted to promote a product or meme [12]
  • Wiktionary: project to create a free online dictionary of every language [13]
  • Wolf vote: a vote cast against the flow of opinion, perhaps just to oppose that flow; a going-along vote is a sheep vote. [14]
  • XNR: acronym for "cross-namespace-redirects", discussed at Wikipedia:Redirects [15]
  • More on Wikipedia acronyms [16]