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Can collaborate with some mix of Statistics-Without-Borders, International Statistical Year, ASA, and WSS. On a Saturday afternoon maybe, or evening. Possibly as soon as late March or late April.


  • training for newbies
  • tour or talk? some activity. Description of WikiData would be good. Anything User:Ram-Man can tell us about how he uploaded Census data for 2000 would be good.
  • Adding/updating particular pages


  • somewhere stats-relevant? would be good, but we can bring suitable content too.
  • somewhere we can have soda and a bit of food. (is there any funding source?)
  • open space at the DC public MLK library or Tenleytown library
  • or wiki-DC conference room
  • or a room at a coffee shop/restaurant
  • would want to have room for 20.

Likely attendees

We'd want to have three or four who are sure to come, just in case it doesn't draw interest. I'm one (Peter). Other edit-a-thons have had as many as 25, so we need room in case it does draw interest.