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Can collaborate with some mix of Statistics Without Borders, International Statistical Year, ASA (American Statistical Assocation), and WSS (Washington Statistical Society). Peter Meyer and Justin Fisher can run it. Can advertise on Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics. Can broadcast to WSS, we expect, and to Statistics Without Borders (700 people, mostly not local). Can broadcast to Statipedians (~100).


  • training for newbies
  • tour or talk? some activity. Description of WikiData would be good. Anything User:Ram-Man can tell us about how he uploaded Census data for 2000 would be good. Perhaps Justin can describe his experience teaching survey stats in North Korea. (No kidding.)
  • Adding/updating particular pages

Location and timing

  • The MLK library is convenient for hosts Peter and Justin. Peter will need to confirm: (1) that we can have good net access there; (2) that we can have refreshments there; (3) that we could give little talks there in a way that didn't bother people elsewhere in the library.
  • There are other possible locations: Tenleytown library; wiki-DC conference room; a room at a coffee shop/restaurant. Would want to have room for 20+ people. Peter will gather advice from the wiki-dc board.
  • On a Saturday afternoon, we think. (Alternative: evening.) Possibly as soon as late March, more likely April.

Other background and issues

  • Background: Ah! Some people wrote: How to run an edit-a-thon
  • we anticipate that wiki-DC can sponsor some refreshments and materials.
  • how do we get the wireless equipment and make it work?