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I'm the treasurer of this chapter as of the February 2013 chapter board meeting and I'm figuring out here.

  • Each month I'm to send a report to the board on the chapter's cash position, and a report from the Fundraising committee, and a report from our Grants-giving committee. The summary becomes public after Board approval, which is routine each month.
  • Quick summary: our cash position is stable and improving. We can host routine events and we have an important grant application in to the Wikimedia Foundation; with that we can hold a big event too. Members are joining at a good clip, and we need more.
  • Accounting standards: We're to follow GAAP.
  • Note of interest: It is conceivable that Wiki DC could get a federal contract ; e.g. for a Wikimedian in residence or a NARA project. These are longshots.