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I'm the treasurer of this chapter as of the February 2013 chapter board meeting and I'm figuring out here.

  • Each month I'm to send a report to the board on the chapter's cash position, and a report from the Fundraising committee, and a report from our Grants-giving committee. The summary becomes public after Board approval, which is routine each month.
  • As chair of grant cmte I shall give feedback on grant applications to the president, then for approved grants I'm to work out with the applicant how and when the money is transferred (see, Articles IV and V).
  • Our cash position is stable and improving. We can host routine events and we have an important grant application in to the Wikimedia Foundation; with that we can hold a big event too. Members are joining at a good clip, and we need more.
  • Accounting standards: We're to follow GAAP.
  • Note of interest: It is conceivable that Wiki DC could get a federal contract ; e.g. for a Wikimedian in residence or a NARA project. These are longshots.