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I may be a candidate for the Board_of_Directors in the Feb-March 2013 board election

Following the stated rules literally, I'm addressing the requirements for a nomination package literally by following these statements at the board election page.

To submit your candidacy for election, please prepare a nomination package containing the following information: (1) Your full legal name; (2) A statement certifying that you meet the eligibility criteria listed above; (3) A statement regarding each mandatory disclosure listed above; and (4) A candidate statement up to five hundred (500) words in length.

My full legal name is Peter Benjamin Meyer. I edit under the identity Econterms.

My statement about eligibility requirements

I hereby state that as of Feb-Mar 2013 I meet the eligibility criteria: (a) I'm a member in good standing of Wikimedia District of Columbia; (b) I'm over 18 years of age; Majority; (c) No order of court has declared my mind to be unsound ; (d) No order of court found me to have breached a duty as a director under the Act. (e) No final order of court prohibits me from serving as a director. (f) I do not not owe more than one hundred dollars ($100) in outstanding debt to the District of Columbia.

My statement of mandatory disclosures

(a) I do not have a financial interest in any ongoing or planned transaction or arrangement undertaken by Wikimedia District of Columbia; (b) I do have a "conflict of duty" that could arise occasionally. My employer is a federal statistical agency whose rules and norms may require me to avoid taking public stands on legislation or candidates and I will follow those rules and norms. But this doesn't affect my role in most core activities of Wikimedia-DC. I help run, speak about, and advocate for internal federal government wikis and for government staff to participate directly in the Wikimedia projects. I cannot see how this would create a conflict with Wikimedia-DC. (c) I have not been convicted of any felony; (d) I have no fiduciary duty to, nor am I an employee, director, officer, or agent of, the Wikimedia Foundation, or of any Wikimedia chapter other than Wikimedia District of Columbia; (e) I participate in editing Wikipedias especially in English, and in editing Wikisource, and have not been subject to disciplinary action in those contexts.

Goals: Academic links, meaning partly partnerships with outsiders for joint events ; be able to explain organizational issues clearly, preferably on-wiki. Editing cross-language and follow and define the movement. If possible to work with federal agencies on wikimedia content, however I have no proposal there in the short run.