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This will not be ready any time soon. I am just recording my thoughts for now. James Hare (talk) 02:24, 22 May 2014 (EDT)


1. Purpose. The purpose of this Volunteer Staff Policy ("Policy") is to describe defined volunteer roles established by the Board of Directors ("Board") of Wikimedia District of Columbia (the "Corporation") and supervised by the President of the Corporation (the "President").

2. Scope. This Policy applies to the volunteer positions described herein. It does not apply to any Officers or Directors of the Board, nor to any committees or paid staff members established by separate Resolution of the Board.

3. Transition. This Policy supersedes previously enacted Resolutions of the Board establishing the Cultural Partnerships Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.13), the Events Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.17), the Social Media Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.18), and the Event Promotion Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B9.12), but does not affect the tenure of the current holders of those positions.


1. General Principles. The Corporation promotes and encourages volunteer work in support of our Mission as a charitable organization. Volunteer work shall provide an enriching experience that provides practical experience and a greater understanding and appreciation of our Mission, and the Corporation shall seek to recruit and train volunteers to the best of our ability.

2. Part-Time Work. Volunteer staff shall not be expected to carry on more than part-time responsibility for no pay. Volunteer work shall not interfere with a volunteer's ability to make a living for him or herself, and overburdened volunteers are at risk of attrition or becoming single points of failure.

3. Internships.

a. Standards for Internships. Internships are educational opportunities by definition. Internship programs shall be established to provide educational experience, primarily to the benefit of the intern and not to the Corporation. Interns shall work under the close supervision of existing staff.
b. No Internships Established. This Policy does not intend to establish any internship programs, as we cannot ensure that volunteer staff positions would provide an educational experience consistent with the requirements established by this Policy and the Fair Labor Standards Act.
c. No Unpaid Internships. The Corporation is opposed to unpaid internships, as they have the effect of denying access to education to those of low income, inconsistent with our Mission.


1. Establishment of Positions. Article IV of this Policy contains an exhaustive list of volunteer staff positions. Additional positions may only be established by Resolution of the Board.

2. Hiring Policy. The President shall recruit for volunteer staff positions in accordance with the Hiring Policy.


This will be filled out following our strategic planning process.


  • Event planners
  • Wikipedia Workshop host
  • Different partnership coordinators
  • Blog post writers