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1. Purpose. The purpose of this Volunteer Policy ("Policy") is to document the rules and practices used by Wikimedia District of Columbia (the "Corporation") to recruit and manage volunteers.

2. Scope. This Policy shall not apply to members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation (the "Board"), to the Officers of the Corporation, or to members of the Standing, Special, and Advisory Committees of the Corporation.


1. Definitions. This Policy refers to two different types of volunteers:

a. Staff Volunteer. A Staff Volunteer is a volunteer appointed to represent the Corporation, plan programs and events for the Corporation, and engage in administrative work for the Corporation on an ongoing basis. Staff Volunteers shall be considered members of the Corporation's staff.
b. Task Volunteer. A Task Volunteer is a volunteer appointed to provide specific volunteer services for the Corporation, including volunteering at events and volunteering for projects undertaken by the Corporation.

2. Principles. The Corporation promotes and encourages volunteer work in support of our Mission as a charitable organization. Volunteer work shall enrich volunteers by providing practical experience and a greater understanding and appreciation of our Mission. The Corporation shall seek to recruit and train volunteers to the best of its ability.

3. Part-Time Work. Volunteers shall not be expected to carry on more than part-time responsibility for no pay. Volunteer work shall not interfere with a volunteer's ability to make a living for him or herself.

4. Supervision. All volunteers shall work under the supervision of the President, or a person designated by him or her.

5. Internships.

a. Standards for Internships. Internships are educational opportunities by definition. Internship programs shall be established to provide educational experience that is primarily to the benefit of the intern. Interns shall work under the close supervision of existing staff.
b. No Unpaid Internships. The Corporation shall establish no unpaid internship programs.

6. Compliance with Law. Nothing in this Policy is intended to contravene or circumvent any relevant employment-related law. It is the policy of the Corporation to comply with applicable laws at all times.


1. Annual Volunteer Plan. Within thirty (30) days of the beginning of each fiscal year, the Board shall adopt an Annual Volunteer Plan ("Plan"). This Plan may be incorporated into the general Annual Plan or adopted separately.

2. Organizational Continuity. In the event a fiscal year begins and no Annual Volunteer Plan has been adopted, the previously adopted Plan shall remain in force pending the adoption of a new Plan by the Board.

3. Plan Contents. The Plan shall include a list of Staff Volunteer and Task Volunteer roles, the responsibilities of each role, and the number of hours per week that should be expected to be spent on each role.

4. Abolished Positions. In the event a Plan abolishes a filled Staff Volunteer position, best efforts should be made to transfer the holder of such position to a comparable Staff Volunteer role.


1. Recruitment. The President is responsible for disseminating information regarding open volunteer positions, and for recruiting, screening, and selecting volunteers.

2. Staff Volunteers. The President shall have the non-delegable authority to recruit Staff Volunteers. Staff Volunteers serve at the pleasure of the President, but the President shall consult with the Board prior to dismissing any Staff Volunteers.

3. Task Volunteers. The President is authorized to recruit Task Volunteers as needed for events listed on the Corporation's calendar and for projects undertaken by the Corporation, consistent with the Plan. The President may also delegate the recruitment of Task Volunteers to appropriate staff.

4. Non-Discrimination. All persons involved in the selection of volunteers shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Corporation's Non-Discrimination Policy at all times.

5. Orientation. The President shall ensure that each recruited volunteer understands his or her role as a volunteer and the applicable policies of the Corporation.


1. Superseded Resolutions. This Policy supersedes previously enacted Resolutions of the Board establishing the Cultural Partnerships Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.13), the Events Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.17), the Social Media Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B2.18), and the Event Promotion Coordinator (Resolution No. 3.B9.12).

2. Interim Positions. Pending the adoption of the first Plan, the defined Staff Volunteer positions shall be the Cultural Partnerships Coordinator and Event Promotion Coordinator positions as previously established by the Board, and the current holders of said positions shall continue in their roles.