Activity Report for the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2014–15

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Editing events

Wikimedia DC held four editing events this quarter:

  • The Women in Technology Edit-a-Thon with Tech LadyMafia on April 17;
  • An International Labour Day Edit-a-Thon with the University of Maryland on May 1;
  • Wiki Loves Pride at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on June 6; and
  • World Oceans Day at the Waitt Institute on June 8.

At the Women in Technology Edit-a-Thon, ten people made 53 edits to 18 articles. The event focused on articles about women in STEM, including Ashanti Johnson, Ruth Teitelbaum, Anita Mehta, and Jennifer Pahlka. In total, 24,291 bytes of content were added or removed.

The International Labour Day Edit-a-Thon, held with the University of Maryland, focused on topics of labor history throughout the world. Fourteen participants made seven edits to five articles, including George Meany and Labor's Heritage. A total of 2,762 bytes of content were added or removed.

Hacking events

Wikimedia DC held a Wikipedia Space Hack-a-Thon at the National Archives Innovation Hub on April 14. The goal of the event was to plan the Wikipedia Space, a project by American University professor Andrew Lih to design a traveling exhibit to describe Wikipedia.

Social events

Wikimedia DC held its monthly WikiSalons on April 8, May 13, and June 10. The monthly dinner meetups were held on April 25 and May 30.


During the April 25 meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board lowered the annual membership dues to $5 per year and established a paid staff position of Organizational Development Coordinator to assist in Wikimedia DC's cultural partnerships program.

The Board additionally held a two-day strategy planning session on June 20–21. During those two days, the Board reviewed its strategic priorities, devised long term goals for the organization, and developed program ideas in furtherance of those goals. This work will inform Wikimedia DC's strategic plan. The board additionally appointed Trisha Melikian as the treasurer and made additional committee appointments.