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What we do

Wikimedia DC reaches out to people and organizations in the greater Washington, D.C. area. We hold events, including training sessions and edit-a-thons, where experienced Wikipedians and newcomers alike have the opportunity to network and learn from each other's experiences. We also work with institutions share their knowledge with the rest of the world through Wikipedia, the world's most widely visited not-for-profit website. We are an all-volunteer organization. Learn about our different initiatives:

How you can get involved

Whether you're a free culture movement veteran, a newcomer interested in participating for the first time, or simply curious about our mission and programs, it's easy to get involved. You can make a huge difference.

Partner with us

We are an organization of volunteer enthusiasts. We know Wikipedia inside and out, and we are continuously looking for partners in the DC area to work with. Wikimedia DC does more when it works with organizations that share our goals.