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The Wiki Society of Washington, DC. engages in outreach programs with a variety of scientific, cultural, and educational institutions in the Washington area and across the nation. These programs promote collaboration with Wikimedia projects and the dissemination of freely-licensed educational content to the general public.

Cultural institutions

Smithsonian Institution

  • WikiProject GLAM/SI - Collaboration and outreach with the Smithsonian Institution. Goals are to improve Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to the Smithsonian Institution. We are providing mentorship and serving as a liaison between the Smithsonian and the Wikipedia community, and teaching Smithsonian staff how to contribute to Wikipedia. Special focus includes American art, with a Wikipedian-in-Residence (Summer 2011) at the Archives of American Art.
  • Sarah Stierch at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art (Summer 2011)

National Archives and Records Administration

Colleges and universities

  • Participation in the Wikimedia Public Policy Initiative, as campus ambassadors, and more direct involvement with Regional Ambassadors coordinating campus programs in 2011-2012.