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Kirill Lokshin

Mandatory Disclosures:
(a) I have no direct or indirect financial interest in any ongoing or planned transaction or arrangement undertaken by Wikimedia District of Columbia.
(b) I am not subject to any law, regulation, agreement, or other covenant that would prevent me from taking full part in the deliberations of the Board or would require me to excuse myself from such deliberations in circumstances other than those related to a financial conflict of interest.
(c) I have not been convicted of any felony.
(d) I am not an employee, director, officer, or agent of the Wikimedia Foundation, or of any Wikimedia chapter other than Wikimedia District of Columbia. I am a member of the Affiliations Committee and the Ombudsperson of the Funds Dissemination Committee, both of which are advisory committees to the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, and have certain fiduciary duties to the Wikimedia Foundation in my capacity as a member of said committees.
(e) I have participated in various Wikimedia projects as User:Kirill Lokshin since 2005, and have never been subject to disciplinary action on those projects.

My name is Kirill Lokshin ( on Wikipedia). I have been a member of the Board since Wikimedia DC was founded, serving as Secretary until December 2015 and as President since then. I last stood for election to the Board two years ago, in 2015.

Over the course of my current term, I've focused on establishing a robust framework for Wikimedia DC's program portfolio and leveraging that framework to achieve significant growth in organizational capacity and funding. In the past year, we have adopted a five-year strategic plan, transitioned to annual plan grant funding, and hired our first employee.

In the coming years, Wikimedia DC will continue to professionalize, growing its program portfolio and organizational capacity and achieving ever-increasing impact within the global Wikimedia movement. In this crucial time, I hope to continue serving the members of this chapter as a member of the Board.