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I served on the Board of Directors from May 7, 2011 to April 30, 2018.
I served on the Board of Directors from May 7, 2011 to April 30, 2018.
In the manner of my colleague [[User:Econterms]] I will use this page to take notes about my Wikimedia DC activity.
* <s>Communications committee members</s> ''Step one complete!'' and corresponding plan
* <s>Tax exempt status paperwork</s>
* <s>CRM</s>
* Strategic plan interviewing process
* <s>Centralized data collection and storage system (for edit-a-thon data and the like) – perhaps we could use Qualtrics?</s>
* <s>Fundraising plan</s>
* <s>Wiki Loves Monuments plan</s>
* Community outreach and engagement plan (and members for the Community Programs Committee)
* Unified donation/membership workflow under new payment processing system
* Better site / social metrics
* Nicely designed meetup template for Wikipedia; on-Wikipedia signing up for edit-a-thons / workshops
* Completely overhauled WMDC blog with new/revised backend, different branding
==Current and future projects==
* Various edit-a-thons
* Strategic Plan
* Andrew Lih's Wikipedia class (now finished; we need to study it)
* Building a tech volunteer community (e.g. WikiHack)
* Open Government
* Building volunteer capacity in general
** Wikipedia for Activists
** Could Wikimedia DC take on the Generation Wikipedia project?
** Rewarding volunteers for their work
** Describing specific volunteer positions
* Emily comes to DC to teach people how to hold editor training workshops
* Library of Congress series of events
* Outreach to government agencies and open-government groups
* Africa Collection digitization
* Taking over education program operations in DC
==Conferences we should attend every year==
* Community conferences:
** Wikimania
** Wikimedia Conference (Chapters Conference)
** WikiConference USA
** WikiSym, maybe
* Sunlight Foundation's Transparency Camp
* Either Museums and the Web or MCN conference?
==WMF grantees of interest==
* Peter Gallert: Working on oral citation project in Namibia. Put him in touch with Adriel Luis of Smithsonian APAC, who is interested in an oral citation project for Asian-American immigrants.
* Amanda Menking: Doing a study on women's participation on Wikipedia. Put her in touch with Emily since their projects complement each other very well.
* Jethro (I JethroBT): "Reimagining Wikipedia Mentorship," changing how online training of Wikipedians happens. Wikimedia DC's activities should have a strong online complement, so this research is worth observing. We could also help with testing.

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I served on the Board of Directors from May 7, 2011 to April 30, 2018.