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Wikimedia DC works with universities and other educational institutions to build awareness of our mission and promote academic contributions to free knowledge projects.

Campus ambassadors: In 2010–2011, we participated in the Wikimedia Public Policy Initiative as campus ambassadors, with more direct involvement through Regional Ambassadors coordinating campus programs in 2011–2012. Campus ambassadors work with professors to include Wikipedia in the curriculum and to teach students how to contribute to Wikipedia. Universities that were actively involved in the program included Georgetown University and James Madison University.

University library edit-a-thons: Wikimedia DC has worked with the George Washington University Library and the University of Maryland Digital Humanities Winter Institute to spread the knowledge of their institutions with the world's largest not-for-profit website through events where library staff and local Wikipedia editors work together and share expertise. Our latest university library workshop was All Things GW in April 2013.

If your university is interested in collaborating with Wikimedia DC, contact