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1. Purpose. The purpose of this Membership Policy ("Policy") is to describe the procedures used by Wikimedia District of Columbia (the "Corporation") to process applications for membership in the Corporation.

2. Scope. This Policy applies to all applications for membership in Wikimedia District of Columbia, and to all memberships arising therefrom.


1. Membership Dues. The dues required to be paid by a member of the Corporation shall be five dollars ($5) per year.

2. Membership Term. The term of membership for all members shall be one year. The term of membership shall start upon the day during which dues are paid, and end one year later, upon the last day of the month during which the term of membership commenced.

3. Renewal of Membership. A member may renew their membership at any time prior to the end of their membership term by remitting to the Corporation a sum equal to the annual membership dues. Upon receipt of such payment, the member's term of membership shall be extended by a period of twelve months, which period shall commence upon the day the member's term of membership was to have ended.

4. Excess Renewal Payments. A member shall not be eligible to renew their membership more than once during any twelve-month period. Any payment of dues remitted by a member in excess of this limit shall be deemed an unrestricted donation to the Corporation, and shall not cause said member's term of membership to be further extended.

5. Expiration of Membership. A member who fails to renew their membership prior to the end of their membership term shall cease to be a member, and shall be required to file a new application for membership.


1. Form of Application. A person may apply for membership through any of the following methods:

(a) In person, by presenting an application for membership at any duly convened meeting of the Corporation's membership or Board of Directors;
(b) In writing, by sending an application for membership to the Corporation's mailing address, or by delivering it to any Officer of the Corporation; or
(c) Electronically, by submitting such application materials as may be made available from time to time on the Corporation's website.

2. Content of Application. An application for membership shall contain the following information:

(a) The applicant's full legal name;
(b) The applicant's mailing address; and
(c) The applicant's email address.

3. Payment of Dues. An application for membership shall be accompanied by a payment of one year's membership dues, which may be remitted in any of the following forms:

(a) Cash;
(b) Check or money order made payable to the Corporation; or
(c) Electronic payment to one of the Corporation's electronic merchant accounts.

4. Receipt of Application. An application for membership shall be considered to have been received at such time as both the required information and the membership dues are received by the Corporation.


1. List of Members. Upon receipt of an application for membership, the Secretary of the Corporation shall enter the name, address, and email address of the applicant into the list of members of the Corporation, and shall annotate the entry with the date upon which the applicant's term of membership ends.

2. Membership Certificate. The Secretary shall issue each member a certificate attesting to their membership in the Corporation and indicating the date upon which the member's term of membership ends. The certificate may be issued in paper or electronic form, at the discretion of the Secretary.


1. Legal Requirements. No provision of this Policy shall be interpreted in a manner that conflicts with any applicable law or regulation. It is the policy of Wikimedia District of Columbia to comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times.

2. Transition of Existing Memberships. All persons who are members of the Corporation at the time at which this Policy is enacted shall have their existing term of membership extended, such that the term shall end upon the last day of the month following the enactment of the Policy.