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1. Purpose. The purpose of this Travel Policy ("Policy") is to describe the procedures used by Wikimedia District of Columbia to reimburse Wikimedia District of Columbia employees and volunteers for expenses incurred in the course of traveling on Wikimedia District of Columbia business.

2. Scope. This Policy applies to all travel paid for by Wikimedia District of Columbia. It does not apply to travel conducted entirely at private expense, whether or not such travel is for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of Wikimedia District of Columbia.


1. Reimbursement of Expenses. Wikimedia District of Columbia shall reimburse travelers for all reasonable and necessary expenses while traveling on authorized business in accordance with the Fiscal Control Policy. Wikimedia District of Columbia assumes no obligation to reimburse travelers for expenses that are not in compliance with this Policy.

2. Approved Government Rates. Where applicable, Wikimedia District of Columbia shall use the approved government rates set by the General Services Administration for travel within the continental United States, by the Department of Defense for travel within the non-continental United States, and by the Department of State for travel outside the United States.


1. Air and Rail Travel. All bookings for air and rail travel shall be made so as to secure the best available fare. Travelers are expected to book travel at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of the travel date, and to use non-direct flights when the resulting savings are substantial.

2. Class of Travel. All air and rail travel shall be booked in coach class. Upgrades for air and rail travel shall not be reimbursable. Travelers wishing to purchase an upgrade must do so at their own expense.

3. Lost or Stolen Tickets. Travelers shall use electronic tickets for air and rail travel whenever possible. In the event that paper tickets must be issued for air and rail travel, the traveler shall be responsible for protecting the paper tickets. If a traveler loses or has tickets stolen from their possession, they shall immediately report the loss to the travel agent or issuing authority, and shall work with the travel agent or issuing authority to file a lost ticket application.

4. Cancellations. When a trip is cancelled after a ticket has been issued, the traveler should inquire about using the same ticket for future travel.

5. Parking. When parking at an airport or rail station for travel, travelers shall utilize long-term parking lots. Short-term parking fees shall be reimbursable for single-day trips only.


1. Car Rental. Travelers may rent a vehicle for travel when doing so is less expensive than air travel to the same destination. Travelers may rent a vehicle at their destination when doing so is less expensive than using alternative local transportation modes.

2. Class of Rental. Travelers renting a vehicle shall reserve a car in the compact category. Travelers may reserve a car one class higher when transporting excess baggage such as booth displays.

3. Insurance. Wikimedia District of Columbia shall not be liable for any accidents or damage to rental vehicles during business travel. If a vehicle is rented, it shall be the traveler's responsibility to carry appropriate personal insurance. Insurance offered by the rental agency shall not be reimbursable for domestic travel. International travelers should accept all insurances offered by the rental agency.

4. Rental Car Fuel. Fuel for use in rental cars shall be reimbursable with proper documentation. Travelers shall decline the prepaid fuel option offered by the rental car agency whenever possible, and shall ensure that the fuel in the rental vehicle is filled immediately before returning the vehicle.

5. Business Use of Personal Vehicles. Travelers may use a personal vehicle for business purposes if doing so is less expensive than renting a car, hiring a taxi, or using alternate transportation. When a personal vehicle is used, it shall be the responsibility of the vehicle owner to carry adequate insurance coverage for their protection and for the protection of any passengers.

6. Mileage Allowance. Travelers using a personal vehicle for Wikimedia District of Columbia business may request reimbursement in the form of a mileage allowance, which shall be issued at the approved government rate. Business use of a personal vehicle shall be reimbursable only with the prior approval of the President.


1. Hotel Reservations. Hotel reservations shall be made so as to secure the best available rate. Hotel lodging expenses that exceed the approved government rate for the location in question shall only be reimbursable with the prior approval of the President.


1. Personal Meals. Personal meals shall be reimbursable at the approved government rate, subject to the standard adjustments for the first and last day of travel. Any meals which are separately reimbursed as entertainment expenses shall be deducted from the personal meal allowance.

2. Entertainment. Entertainment expenses shall be reimbursable only with the prior approval of the President, which shall be granted only when:

(a) The person or persons being entertained have an actual or potential business relationship with Wikimedia District of Columbia; and
(b) The expenditure directly precedes, includes, or follows a business discussion.


1. Miscellaneous Expenses. Miscellaneous expenses which are not specifically listed in this Policy may be reimbursed at the discretion of Wikimedia District of Columbia. Miscellaneous expenses shall only be reimbursable if directly related to Wikimedia District of Columbia business. Travelers should not assume that reimbursement will be granted for any miscellaneous expense unless prior approval has been granted.