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The Goethe Institute is a center for German language and culture. It's in a big supremely convenient building near the Gallery Place stop. They hold classes on the German language and many interesting and fun events -- films, games nights, lectures.
We could hold an edit-a-thon there, with the interesting aspect that it was '''multi-lingual''', and we could talk about how the German Wikipedia works to the extent this is different from the English one.
Kristin has talked to the chief of the Goethe Institute -- ([https://www.goethe.de/ins/us/was/uun/mit/lei/enindex.htm Wilfrid Eckstein]) and he was interested.
They do have a library of materials there also.
Another exciting aspect is that their audience is completely different from ours and highly literate and will have new interesting perspectives. We would want to offer some training.
Peter wants to participate but has not followed up. Took German classes there years back but does not have current contacts. (However this is not difficult; just would need to call.)
Nicholas, now in Germany, might be interested and could perhaps speak if we get the timing and subjects right.

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