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I'm Peter Benjamin Meyer. For Wikimedia & chapter purposes I can be reached at

I'm on the board of directors of this chapter, elected in 2013 and last elected in Nov 2016 and 2018.

My regular user page is on the English Wikipedia.

Ongoing chapter business

  • I'll be on the upcoming elections committee to run the Sept 2019 elections to the Wiki DC board. The other members of the committee will presumably be Diane and Kevin as we were the three who were elected in the 2018 elections to the Wiki DC board. Terms for Kirill and John and Emily are ending.
  • Add to Donate page -- how to designate Wikimedia DC on

Financial matters

Web site maintenance

  • Special:Log/block
  • My preferred message when blocking spammers: Spamming links to external sites: Blocked per Technology access policy, article V
  • Parameters to use when blocking a spammer: account creation disabled, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page

Tech projects

To do

Org development coordinator

Scientific photography contest possibility 2017

  • local winners must be announced in January 2018 at the latest and international jury must have the list of the local winner by the second week of January.
  • We hope to announce the overall intl winners in February.
  • In the international competition there are 5 categories you can submit the winners, but locally it will be up to you on how many images you feature.
  • In Estonia where this competition started there are special prizes. Companies provide them. US chapters might want/need to do that.
  • Competition subpages have mostly been on Wikipedia. Example:
  • US chapters could also propose 1-2 members for the international jury.
  • our chapter could organize this competition for the United States!
  • the contest itself will take place in November?
  • would you need the results of the US competition provided to the international jury, or any other schedule constraints that we should know about?
  • Would you also be looking to us for funding the prizes for the US completion, or do you have a different plan in place for that?
  • Science photo competition is coming again in this November:
  • Based on the last competition in 2015 it's reasonable to assume that there could be ca 10 000 participants and over 50 000 submissions this time.
  • there's a need to find enough local organizers who would take care of local country-based sub-competitions.
  • June contacts from Ivo
  • The task is relatively simple: there has to be someone, who would promote the competition locally and set up a jury to select the local winners.
  • Any interest in Wikimedia District of Columbia about organizing this competition in the USA?


I helped eat the cake at the annual membership meeting