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First goal is to prepare this for GLAM Boot Camp Program

What's the Wikimedia Foundation?

  • WMF = the Wikimedia Foundation, the institution of which Wikimedia-DC is a chapter
  • Runs the servers; staff in SF etc.

What's a chapter?

  • It's a nonprofit affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, usually associated with a region but maybe with a theme instead.
  • It's approved by the WMF's Affiliations committee (formerly the Chapters Committee), a Wikimedia community committee entrusted with advising the WMF Board of Trustees on the approval of new affiliates: chapters, thematic organisations and user groups.

What chapters exist?

  • There are 39 chapters now, most of which are national like Wikimedia-UK. The chapters are listed here:
  • The first national/regional chapter was in Germany, 2004. Most were founded in 2008-2010. The Wiki-NYC chapter started in 2009 and the Wiki-DC chapter in 2011. Those are the only US chapters for now. A Pacific Northwest chapter, to be called Wikimedia-Cascadia, is planned.[1]
  • There are likely to be thematic/topical chapters too -- non-geographic chapters like Wikimedia Education, Wikimedia Catalan, Wikimedia LGBT, Wikimedia Medicine; like meta-WikiProjects
  • Chapters give out grants. They get their money from grants from the WMF and from individual donations. The US chapters have just a few thousands of dollars. Some of the international ones have much more.
  • The US chapters do not have paid staff, only volunteers. So it's sometimes best if administrative support for a GLAM project comes from the partner institution not the chapter.

Getting support for a project

  • our rules at DC chapter -- an example


  • Can present GLAM projects at these
  • NYC's Wikimedia day ; Wikimania ; Wikimedia conferences ; regional/theme conferences?
  • Milan conference -- a meeting of representatives of chapters, April 18-21 2013.
  • WikiSym -- an academic conference each fall, held so far in North America and Europe.
  • GLAM bootcamp: A conference idea for Wiki-DC to sponsor ; Dominic has suggested it


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