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The Economic History Association is a North American academic/professional society, made up 90% of academics I think, which has an annual conference each September. The upcoming one is at George Mason University in Arlington, VA.

It's the Sept 22nd weekend. I've been asked to speak about Wikipedia and how economic historians can work with it. That session is to be Friday afternoon at 4 or 5, and my time might be 45-60 minutes and there will be other speakers. We don't know how many will attend, but it's a plenary meaning could be 35 people or 140 -- there will be no conflicting events.

  • Robert Allen -- president of the EHA
  • Price Fishback -- executive director
  • Jari Eloranta -- runs the meetings
  • Phillip Hoffman -- new president, after the meetings

Topics for this presentation as I envision it, for at least brief mention:

  • Meet with LiAnna Davis (ldavis) of at Wikimania

Slides outline

  • I'm not speaking for BLS nor for the Wikimedia Foundation nor for the EHA. Will include stories.
  • Brief history of the technology -- Berners-Lee, Ward Cunningham, defn of wiki, 50+ wiki software implementations, MediaWiki
  • What is Wikipedia -- institutionally?
  • Wikipedia communities include
  • WMF -- "the Foundation"
  • Wikipedias in many languages -- which follow somewhat different rules, e.g. French and German
  • chapters, mediation and ArbCom, newsletters
  • foundation software development legal education
  • chapters
  • projects -- notably for us: commons, wikisource, and wikidata
  • labs
  • mainly volunteers
  • ==> layers and facets and elaboration
  • Topics for economic historians -- Cliometrics, Cleometrics (?), JEH, EEH, SSH, AEHR, T&C; tidy shopkeeper angle vs. making it interesting
  • Use in class
  • How to edit
  • yes you have to take anonymous or surprisingly-named users seriously. For sure.
  • show Gibbs-Smith and Journal of Natural Philosophy
  • tell story of hoselitz article? ask permission

For the Meetup page aka landing page

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