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  • Going nicely. We had several, with WHO, and usually multilingual: English-Spanish or English-Malayalam
  • The next one is on June 12, 2021; see w:WMDC-VACC4 and numbers above and below that to get to various event pages
  • we'll have one at the WikiConference North America, on Oct 8 perhaps

What would a manual cover?

Define terms, explain procedures, highlight possible conflicts and how to prepare and navigate them
  • WikiMed
  • Cochrane and its initiatives
  • Wikipedias in various languages; their standards
  • Footnotes, categories, formatting, with exercises to do
  • Wikidata -- many things to explain
  • Commons -- how to set up to work there, and how
  • Wikisource and other sites
  • Copyright issues, with some how-to
  • COI issues and how to prepare and handle them
  • What an editathon is, how to find and join some
Alongside that definitional material we can give more specific lively advice
perhaps in colored boxes on the sides of pages -- It's less academic, and could go out of date more easily so it should be in a different format
  • How a new user should ideally start
  • Who they should ask for help -- us first, and various boards/lists
  • Examples, e.g. of good articles, past Wikimedia conflicts that went badly
  • Quotes from users on what they think is easy, or hard, or rewarding
Cite related works
  • We can learn from analogous NIOSH efforts, or other WiR efforts, or other manuals for different fields, to document good practices
  • I think there are other manuals to draw from and to cite
  • Possibly Wiki Edu or Wikiversity has such manuals already
Format for this work?
  • could be a PDF document
  • could be wiki pages on
  • could be wiki or web pages within their organization
  • could be on Wikiversity, a place for training materials

Background research to do